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After an accident that caused Simon de Blanch to lose memory of past events, she finds herself putting together a past with the only clues she left behind—an endless number of ordinary rocks. Becoming a modern Sisyphean hero, she becomes captivated on discovering the origin and reason behind such a strange collection while exploring the historic city of La Rochelle.

The Pérelin Decline

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  • After camping for eight years without a tent and spending time in a little town outside of Detroit, Pae returned to Alberta and studied literature and philosophy at Mt. Royal and St. Mary’s University.
    He has published a collection of short stories titled Searching for Marilyn Monroe, and a short novel, The Pérelin Decline.
    Though he has lived most of his life in B.C. and Alberta, he has recently, as of last month, moved to Montreal. He is currently working on multiple projects with the hope of having at least one of them see the light of day.

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