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Stygian Caravan

A Roaming Literary Canvas

Writing! Art! Music! Philosophical discussion!

The Stygian Caravan is an author-led creative exploration which starts at Encore Books, (5670 Sherbrooke st. W)

This portion of the event runs from 2-6pm and features readings and discussions with local authors (and sometimes visiting guests)

After this portion of the event, we make our way over to

Notre-Boeuf-de-Grace (5732 Sherbrooke st. W) to write, draw, make music, converse and make creative connections.

Hop on our caravan and let us lead you to inspiration!

Founder Profiles


Holly Rhiannon is a life-long writer who has previously self published one novella and two graphic novels. After becoming certified in photography, attending a few years of Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba and running a successful alternative art event in her hometown of Winnipeg, she moved to Montreal to pursue the field which has always been closest to her heart: literature. A Time When Demons is her debut full-length novel for young adults.


After camping for eight years without a tent and spending time in a little town outside of Detroit, Pae returned to Alberta and studied literature and philosophy at Mt. Royal and St. Mary’s University.
He has published a collection of short stories titled Searching for Marilyn Monroe, and a short novel, The Pérelin Decline.

Though he has lived most of his life in B.C. and Alberta, he has recently, as of last month, moved to Montreal. He is currently working on multiple projects with the hope of having at least one of them see the light of day.

Your Host

Image by Emily Morter

Guest Host



What is the first half of the event like?

First it's important to note - no two Stygian Caravans are alike.

We work with what our hosts, guests, and attendees are feeling at the time. This leaves the event open to a wide range of creative options!

That being said, the first half of the event will be formatted like a classic reading, signing, and discussion with local authors (and sometimes special guests!)

What is the second half of the event like?

After gathering our troupe for the evening at the reading, we'll carry on to the second location where we'll all be more on equal footing (ie less host/attendee mentality) - this is a time for collaboration, discussion and so much more. During this part of the event we encourage you to bring your own writing to work on, your sketchbook, heck even your guitar!

Depending on who our group is made up of, there may be life drawing sessions or there may be writing sprints. 

And if you're shy? No pressure at all. You're welcome to just hang out :)

What if I can only  make it to part of the event?

That's just fine! While we hope for a good group of people to gather at location #1 and then come along with us to location #2, you can stop in at either half of the event at any time you like. We understand it is a lengthy evening, especially if you're new to the concept!

Is there an entry fee?

Stygian Caravan is a free event! However, our hosts + guests will have books for sale and we do encourage you to pick one up. Additionally, if we have a sprint master for writers during the second half of the event, or a model posing for sketches, we recommend tipping them. It's just a nice thing to do :)

How can I get more involved?

If you're interested in joining our hosts, attending as a special guest, or showcasing your creative talents in any way, shape or form, we'd love to hear from you! This is a community-driven event after all!

*Note: Encore Books and Notre-Boeuf-de-Grace are our headquarters so we are not looking for other venues at this time

Inaugural Event

November 11, 2022

Second Edition

December 11, 2022

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