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Do you dare confront the demons lurking in the Stygian depths of the human psyche?


Step into the shadows with 24 fresh voices, each offering their own unique twist on the meaning of "Stygian". In this debut publication, you'll find yourself immersed in a diverse range of tales that explore the depths of human emotion. From dark horror and murder mysteries to surreal poetry and philosophical musings, each story is a unique journey into the unknown. Experience the vengeful poem that unleashes Dante's wild spirit, the melancholy memory of railway tracks, and the young witch who discovers the true power of flames. From the ancient past to the dystopian future, The Stygian Collection promises to take you down a dark and winding path. Where it leads? That's up to you to find out.


Featured authors:

Allen Mahan ( _UFOs in AZ_, Dead Milk = Cheese)
Bonsart Bokel (The Horror of Château Casquette)
Bree Buonomo (Reaper)
Brian Bruce (Watercolours)
C.M. Lockhart (Burn)
Cory N. Davis (The Planter)
Dave Aldrich (The Oarsman)
Desiree M. Ortega (Sanctum)
Hananya le Clercq (I, Dan Monroe, am Dead)
Holly Rhiannon (Dante, Graveyard Thoughts)
Ian Kirkpatrick (The Carpenter)
Ivy L. James (Kiss of the Lethe)
J.A. Collignon (Where the Buildings Cease to Stand)
Jeremy Fee (The Education of Henry James)
Jolene Smith (The Next To Go)
Linda Peli (Zero Good Things)
Marc André Bélanger (Gaia Shuddered)
Margaret Pinard (Space Ghost Heartbeat)
Mister Morningstar (Along Comes a Stranger)
O.G. Rose (Olive Leaves)
Pae Veo (Paperweight)
P.M. Brown (Empty Seat)
Samantha Green (The Ballerina)
Sheratan Mortis (Styx and Her River)

Cover and interior illustration by NIHIL
Graphic design by Shaundra Ruff
Edited by Pamela Kat Johnson


*Please note: The Stygian Collection will begin to ship July 13, 2023
If you have any questions about a preorder you made, please contact


The Stygian Collection

SKU: 004
  • The Stygian Collection features works by: Allen Mahan, Bonsart Bokel, Bree Buonomo, Brian Bruce, C.M. Lockhart, Cory N. Davis, O.G. Rose, David Aldrich, Desiree M. Ortega, Hananya le Clercq, Holly Rhiannon, Ian Kirkpatrick, Ivy James, Jenna Collignon, Jeremy Fee, Jolene Smith, Linda Peli, Marc Andre Belanger, Margaret Pinard, Mister Morningstar, Pae Veo, P.M. Brown, Samantha Green and Sheratan Mortis

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