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Dry Roses and Diary

Welcome to the Stygian Society—a press dedicated to crafting captivating, beautifully bound books.


Founded by Holly Rhiannon and Pae Veo in 2023, we champion diverse, talent-driven fiction that stands on its own, regardless of social media following.

We stand apart in a publishing landscape that often overlooks deserving authors, nurturing talent, offering a supportive community, and showcasing our authors' work in all its glory.


Our journey began with The Stygian Collection, an anthology funded by 73 backers through Kickstarter, raising an impressive $6,761. Now, we aim to establish the Stygian Society as a pillar in indie publishing, carving a path for timeless literature.

At The Stygian Society, our authors receive personalized touches—a handwritten welcome letter and an exclusive Stygian pin, symbolizing their inclusion in our creative family. We empower authors with fair royalty structures and transparency.

Join our movement and make a resounding impact in the publishing industry. Let's redefine the landscape, honour authors' artistry, and create a treasury of fiction that defies trends.


Won't you join us?

Stygian Society founder + CEO Holly Rhiannon
Stygian Society founder + CEO Pae Veo

Meet Our Team!

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