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Our Stygian Associates

Meet our associates—outstanding creators in a variety of fields who exemplify a commitment to real artistry.

Here, you can find exclusive discounts for more of what you love!


Odylic is a passion project by Rachel Goguen, offering sustainable and vegan-friendly, handmade garments.

The odylic force can be described as the vital energy that emanates from all matter, whether it be objects or the human body or nature.

Some of the core beliefs at Odylic is that all resources have the possibility to be given and exchanged in symbiosis with the environment without abuse. 

Our priority is to offer sustainable and vegan items that are made-to-order to avoid waste. Each piece is made by hand with care in a small atelier in Montreal, Quebec.

We support the slow and circular fashion movement, and want to bring back the integrity and craft that comes with clothing.

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NIHIL illustration was created from a fascination with art macabre and uses detailed symbolism and still life settings to explore historical and contemporary relationships with death and the afterlife.


Influenced by medieval and renaissance engraving style, NIHIL's intricate works are created in black pencil and ink and are available as signed, high quality prints on textured entrada cotton fiber 300GSM acid-free archival quality paper. 

Use code STYGIAN15 for 15% off

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