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Frequently asked


  • Where can I buy Stygian Society books?
    You can purchase our books at the following locations (check back regularly for new additions!) Right here in our bookstore! On our Amazon page Through Smashwords (Want to stock or distribute our books? Shoot us an email at!)
  • How do I write for Stygian Society?
    Head on over to our submissions page and send us your manuscript! We don't bite. (This does not guarantee publication)
  • Where can I get your fine art editions?
    You can't get them anywhere. Yet! Fine art editions will be available for our second publication which we predict will be out in October of 2023. These editions will be limited to 50 copies and will feature beautiful top of the line binding, end pages, etc. If you'd like to be the first to know about these releases and see our process of creating them, we highly recommend joining our Patreon community right here.
  • Why don't you ship outside of North America?
    Unfortunately shipping rates are RIDICULOUS from Canada to anywhere overseas. As in, $50 at a minimum for anything tracked. And, we refuse to ship untracked because we don't want to chance you losing your books! We are working on a fix for this but until we've got it, we recommend heading over to Amazon for physical copies of Stygian Society publications.
  • How do Preorders work?
    Sometimes you will see preorder options on the site! These will either be for restocks so you can secure your copy in advance, or they will be for projects we have not yet released. In either case, you will see a predicted ship date listed on the product page. If you preorder a book, you are guaranteed that copy and it will ship out on the promised date. If there are delays, we will be sure to contact you with an update as the situation progresses. If you would like to cancel your preorder, you are welcome to do so. This can be done by sending us an email to
  • How do you use Kickstarter for publishing?
    As a hybrid publisher, we use a variety of resources and techniques to get the works we believe in out into the world. At times, this will involve the use of crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter. Funds raised on Kickstarter go towards art, design and marketing, ensuring that the publication will have a great aesthetic and be pushed out into the world with all the backing it deserves! If you want to find out what we're working on right now, check out The Latest.
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