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Our latest project is called

The Stygian Collection

"When the sun sets… where does your mind wander?

Is it life… or death… which floods your subconscious?

It is human nature to let the darkness consume us.

But how are we to cope with this inescapable reality?

Through the telling of stories we can tackle the topics which keep us up at night.

The Stygian Society invites you to explore the darkness with us in our inaugural publication..."

Do you dare confront the demons lurking in the Stygian depths of the human psyche?

Step into the shadows with 24 fresh voices, each offering their own unique twist on the meaning of "Stygian". In this debut publication, you'll find yourself immersed in a diverse range of tales that explore the depths of human emotion. From dark horror and murder mysteries to surreal poetry and philosophical musings, each story is a unique journey into the unknown. Experience the vengeful poem that unleashes Dante's wild spirit, the melancholy memory of railway tracks, and the young witch who discovers the true power of flames. From the ancient past to the dystopian future, The Stygian Collection promises to take you down a dark and winding path. Where it leads? That's up to you to find out.

Read about the authors...


This isn’t the typical book I would pick up and read, however, look at this cover! I’ve also wanted to dip my toes in reading more anthologies, so was excited to give this book a try. I have yet to read all the stories but wanted to leave a review about the story I, Dan Monroe, am Dead. I loved this story! I thought it was an original concept (which can be hard to come by). I felt for the characters, I gasped, I laughed, and it made me think about life. It discusses the decisions we make and what those decisions mean and if/how they make us who we are. It was a fantastic read and I’m looking forward to reading more from Hananya le Clercq!

-Colleen Smith

stygian songs with a stygian sound
within these pages they are found
authortube fans are bound
to feel the undead rising from the ground

pae pae-ves the way from the start with his lyrical philosophical words
for this collection of mostly excellent works from the best youtube has to offer
lookin forward to more like this here

-Pete Reads

This is an exciting project from The Stygian Society and I am happy to be part of it.
If you like darker stories and want to read a variety of writing, perhaps find a new favourite author, I say give this a try.

-Bookworm Adventure Girl

This is the most amazing collection of short stories ever! It may seemed biased but I am truly honored to be a part of this project in collaboration with some of the most talented voices I had the pleasure to write with!

-Linda Peli

Filled with spooky and twisty good reads, this collection of poems and short stories is the perfect read for those dark and stormy nights. With characters to root for and great internal and external conflicts, these tales will keep you reading to discover what happens!

-Holly Davis

Intriguing stories with dark depths

This collection took me into a realm I don't usually explore and I enjoyed the experience. A wide range of stories and authors make for rewarding reading.

-Clear Thinker

A fascinating, eclectic collection of short stories

Very interesting read. Thought provoking yet not in an overbearing way. In addition, the collection of short stories is great when you have only a short time to read. You can complete the story and not be left hanging. Overall, very enjoyable. I highly recommend it.

-Paul Mandry

I'm not usually an anthology person, but I think this collection might have changed my mind. Great variety in stories within each section, with 3-4 that really stood out and resonated with me. Will be keeping an eye out for future releases!


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