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Dark Flock isn't your average novel. It's a curated collection of freaky feathered fiction. 

From post-apocalyptic birding expeditions to eerie encounters with surreal avian forces, each story in this collection will leave you questioning reality. 

Join characters as they navigate through twisted narratives set in Denmark, Korea, and beyond, where the line between the natural and the supernatural blurs. With a blend of mystery, dystopia, and paranormal, "Dark Flock" promises to captivate readers with its unique concepts in Matt Poll’s world of Twilight Zone Birding.

Dark Flock

SKU: 011
  • Matt Poll has spent most of the past decade lurking in the bushes in search of rare birds in South Korea.

    On top of DARK FLOCK, he has written a memoir about the shenanigans involved with being a foreign birdwatcher there, as well as a thriller novel set in Korea’s DMZ.

    Links to his published stories and international birding adventures can be found on his blog, Snowy Owl Lost.

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