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Mockup of Pae Veo's 'Searching for Marilyn Monroe' in ebook and paperback format

Searching for Marilyn Monroe: Parables and other Animals

Author: Pae Veo

Hemingway once said, "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit at a typewriter and bleed." That may be true, but a bottle of wine won’t hurt, and that is essentially what’s to be found in this slim volume of unique and powerful stories and parables. Author Pae Veo explores the life lessons to be learned in his often-Kafkaesque realms: isolation, failure, addiction, moral dilemmas and the absurdities of everyday life. In places where hope rarely ventures, imagination usually does; take it lightly, and drink as much as necessary—but by all means, excuse the blood.

A Time When Demons

Author: Holly Rhiannon

While it’s true that Aeres Cadogan has inherited a host of powers other young women could only dream of harnessing, these abilities come with a heavy burden: the burden of Wicca society.
Wicca society’s got it all: standards set by an ancient magickal patriarchy. Arranged marriages. Even familial expectations to care for dangerous paranormal anomalies which would otherwise terrorize the mortal population.
Rebellious and head-strong Aeres has managed to avoid these aspects of her society for 19 years.
But one fateful night at the club, a magickal prank goes terribly wrong.
When a man nearly dies, Aeres is plunged into a dark new domain where betrayal and death are all too real. To get out, she must harness her abilities and set her world right once again… all while avoiding an impending marriage and facing off against one of the greatest serial killers the world has ever known.

Mockup of Holly Rhiannon's 'A Time When Demons' in ebook and paperback format
Mockup of Pae Veo's 'The Perelin Decline' in ebook and paperback format

The Pérelin Decline

Author: Pae Veo

After an accident that caused Simon de Blanch to lose memory of past events, she finds herself putting together a past with the only clues she left behind—an endless number of ordinary rocks. Becoming a modern Sisyphean hero, she becomes captivated on discovering the origin and reason behind such a strange collection while exploring the historic city of La Rochelle.

The Stygian Collection

Do you dare confront the demons lurking in the Stygian depths of the human psyche?


Step into the shadows with 24 fresh voices, each offering their own unique twist on the meaning of "Stygian". In this debut publication, you'll find yourself immersed in a diverse range of tales that explore the depths of human emotion. From dark horror and murder mysteries to surreal poetry and philosophical musings, each story is a unique journey into the unknown. Experience the vengeful poem that unleashes Dante's wild spirit, the melancholy memory of railway tracks, and the young witch who discovers the true power of flames. From the ancient past to the dystopian future, The Stygian Collection promises to take you down a dark and winding path. Where it leads? That's up to you to find out.

More about The Collection.

Mockup of The Stygian Collection in ebook and paperback format

Dark Flock

Author: Matt Poll

Dark Flock isn't your average novel. It's a curated collection of freaky feathered fiction. 

From post-apocalyptic birding expeditions to eerie encounters with surreal avian forces, each story in this collection will leave you questioning reality. 

Join characters as they navigate through twisted narratives set in Denmark, Korea, and beyond, where the line between the natural and the supernatural blurs. With a blend of mystery, dystopia, and paranormal, "Dark Flock" promises to captivate readers with its unique concepts in Matt Poll’s world of Twilight Zone Birding.



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