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The Stygian Zine

A Literary Collection

Issue 1 | January 2024


Welcome to "The Stygian Zine," where literary rebels find their voice and offbeat tales thrive.

Issue 1, similar to our first publication "The Stygian Collection", explores the concept of Stygian itself.

Featuring written works by 14 creators and artistic contributions from 4 creators, we invited you to explore the darkness with us once again in this inaugural publication.


The Light Variant is designed by Holly Rhiannon


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The Stygian Zine (Light Variant) pdf

SKU: 009
  • Authors
    Allen Mahan
    André Narbonne
    Pamela Kat Johnson
    Larry Oakley
    Linda Peli
    Nicholas Siu-ting Lee
    Saige Severin
    Kimӧra Seiđra
    Holly Rhiannon
    Carella Keil
    Anna Quercia-Thomas
    Olivia Van Guinn


    Holly Rhiannon (Cover)
    Kait Rogers
    Gerrod General
    Carella Keil


    Founded in 2023, The Stygian Society publishes beautiful books that make you think.

    Stygian Publications are edited by Pamela Kat Johnson.

    The Zine is curated by Holly Rhiannon.

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